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Steve Jobs is a famous American business magnate, who along with Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple. Jobs is seen as very friendly and very creative genius who leads the famous electronics company. However, what many people do not know is that Jobs is a perfectionist maniac who treats everyone depending on their work habits. He apparently also regularly missed appointments, acted without thinking and with bad judgment, did not give credit, interrupted and didn't listen, didn't keep promises and was irresponsible and inconsiderate. Fortunately, this was when Jobs was first working for Apple. He got fired and joined Apple later, as CEO of course, with some major changes to his behavior.

Jobs is seen as a frightening figure by his employees not because he is physically hostile, but because he can cause confusion by demoralizing and employee and calling his/her work worthless and then later praising them and calling them genii. This is to "motivate" them or so Jobs thinks. His companies have had much success when he actively part-took in them. He was even brought back to Apple to bring the company to prosperity, which Jobs did like it was imposed onto him by everyone in the world. He takes his jobs seriously and does not like slacking.

He is seen as a perfectionist, the NeXTcube design is example of this, by his employees and is sometimes very forceful to get what he wants. When he came back to Apple, he demolished the idea of sharing the progress of the projects with the press. Jobs insisted on secrecy to protect the company's secrets, and he is a person who is a bit secretive by nature. Some say that Apple is the picture that Steve Jobs imposed onto himself.

His obsession for secrecy was to intensive, that the iPhone was not seen by too many employees until after it was presented or even released. This is quite a feat because of the huge amount of employees which worked on the project. Steve is also the ultimate presenter, and his mild humor at perfect timings make his presentations full of enthusiasm. He truly knows how to control suspension at his presentations, else we would see his marvelous electronic gadgets as expensive and unneeded products.


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